Single Player Game

In Single Player Game, you are the hero, Hiro Tumenevryware, who aspires to win the love of women...well, everywhere. Along the way Hiro encounters beautiful women, from out-all-night party girl Sara to down-on-the-farm country chick Kimberly. But when Hiro meets gamer girl Amy, has he met "the one"?

Two distinct strategies—chase after one girl's heart or break 'em all—let you decide for yourself whether Hiro will be one girl's hero.

Or play as Amy Tubrekyurhart, an azure-haired gamer girl who knows what lies in the hearts of men. She captures the hearts of playboy Axel and humble Henry...then she meets Hiro. Is it love?

With the option of same-sex pairing, Single Player Game gladly represents and welcomes LGBTQ players.

Any way you play, you will be a hero to men—and women—everywhere.

Developed at the Los Angeles site of the 2011 Global Game Jam, Single Player Game is Facebook-enabled and powered by the PlayOnSocial API.